Duration: 8:23

Adinkra Symbols

27th March 2012
Have you ever wondered about the unusual patterns that feature on the wrappers of Divine Chocolate bars? These are adinkra symbols and each has its own meaning, often from traditional stories and sayings.
Duration: 4:40

What is Ghana like?

18th January 2012
The Kuapa Kids answer a few simple questions about what their lives are like in Ghana. Use the accompanying worksheet to get your students to guess what the Ghana students will say before watching the video to find out.
Duration: 5:21

Cotton on to Fairtrade

14th February 2011
This video was made for Fairtrade Fortnight 2011 which had a special focus on cotton. The kids in Akomadan decorate a Fairtrade cotton bunting kit and discuss cotton from West Africa.
Duration: 5:46

Chocolate Week

12th October 2010
This video was made for Chocolate Week 2010. The Kuapa Kids talk about where chocolate comes from and how cocoa is turned into the snack we love so much.
Duration: 9:22


6th October 2010
A video about the technology they have access to in Akomadan, from computers to blenders, from cookers to mobile phones.