Duration: 4:21

Cocoa – the next generation

2nd March 2015
A short film made in collaboration with Divine Chocolate. The future of cocoa depends on young people.
Duration: 3:55

Cocoa Harvest

30th November 2012
The Kuapa Kids are ready with the pods and beans to show us what happens at the cocoa harvest.
Duration: 8:13


28th February 2012
What does it mean for cocoa farmers to be part of a local Fairtrade co-operative?
Duration: 5:46

Chocolate Week

12th October 2010
This video was made for Chocolate Week 2010. The Kuapa Kids talk about where chocolate comes from and how cocoa is turned into the snack we love so much.
Duration: 8:33

Cocoa Farming

22nd October 2009