Duration: 6:41

Breakfast in Ghana

26th February 2016
The theme for Fairtrade Fortnight this year is 'sit down for breakfast, stand up for farmers'. To celebrate, the Kuapa Kids in Ghana have made a video about breakfast in Ghana.
Duration: 11:47

Food for a Day

12th May 2014
The Kuapa Kids take us through each meal of a typical day.
Duration: 12:35


26th February 2014
The Kuapa Kids visit a large Fairtrade banana farm in the east of Ghana.
Duration: 3:45

A Day in the Life

25th January 2010
The Kuapa Kids take us through a typical day in the life for a child in Akomadan, from waking up to going to bed.
Duration: 9:10

Shops and Markets

29th September 2009
We visit a market and look at how people do shopping in Akomadan