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Duration: 6:41

Breakfast in Ghana

26th February 2016
The theme for Fairtrade Fortnight this year is 'sit down for breakfast, stand up for farmers'. To celebrate, the Kuapa Kids in Ghana have made a video about breakfast in Ghana.
Duration: 4:21

Cocoa – the next generation

2nd March 2015
A short film made in collaboration with Divine Chocolate. The future of cocoa depends on young people.
Duration: 5:04

Animals Around The Home

11th December 2014
The Kuapa Kids look at animals and pets in the Ghanaian home.
Duration: 4:45

Independence Day

2nd September 2014
The Kuapa Kids look at Ghana's Independence Day celebrations.
Duration: 11:47

Food for a Day

12th May 2014
The Kuapa Kids take us through each meal of a typical day.